"They helped us select the perfect lot for our custom home, and then provided invaluable advice during the design phase in order to situate our home just right to maximize the views."

- Tom & Tracy Wendorf

Custom Lot Selection:

Allow Ripson Realty to Navigate

Let’s face it, we all have friends and relatives who are real estate agents, and (if they haven’t already) they will undoubtedly attempt to convince you that their access to the MLS can lead to a “suitable” vacant lot for your future home. However, don't be led astray: Selection of the right home site is absolutely essential to maximizing your dream home.

The value of an experienced eye in the lot selection process cannot be over-stated. Such an eye must be keenly aware of your goals and desires, while also offering a practiced understanding of how the homebuilding process impacts the site selection decision. Ripson Realty has just such an eye. We realize that many lots historically over-looked by others have inherent unseen value, while other seemingly desirable lots have not-so-obvious pitfalls, which will be revealed to the untrained eye only after it’s too late.

As a licensed real estate broker also experienced in the art of homebuilding, Ripson Realty will serve as your navigator through this critical first step in the process of your dream home. We will sort through the myriad of custom lot offerings to find the perfect home site for your Ripson Signature Home.

Custom Lots are Available!


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